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Drive Scout

$ 50 /mo
per user
5 user minimum

For you and your office staff

Website Integration & Staff Access
Eliminate duplicate data entry
Payroll Reports and Payment Reports
Streamlined instructor & vehicle change management
Student search & information and Custom Student Report Cards
Cancellation policies & settings
Task Management
Use events for interviews and training
Prevents double booking of instructors & vehicles
Vehicle availability and information management
Review staff vacation and time off management requests
Single or multiple location configuration
Free Support & Free Training
Access from any device (phone, tablet, pc)
Data backup and security and User access settings

For your Instructors

Instructor access from any device
Schedule emailed daily
Emailed & texted for last minute cancellations
Emailed & texted for last minute bookings
View student progress and past report cards
Submit feedback on student progress
Vacation and time off management

For your Students

Student & parent access from any device
Online scheduling, payments & balance management
Automated text and email lesson reminders
Last minute lesson opening notifications
Access to instructor notes and past report cards

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What is a User?

Will I be charged twice if my Users have both an Admin and Instructor account?

What happens if I add or remove User accounts after Activation?

Can my Admins share an account?

Am I charged per student that signs up?

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Our sole mission is to help your driving school be more profitable and easier to manage. We do this by creating simple, easy-to-use software and website templates that save you valuable time and drive profits, which, in turn gives you time back to focus on sales and helping students.